Creation and development

  • Facts & Figures
            Founded in:2004
            The total turnover of the year:It is estimated more than three million dollars
            Number of employees: 30
            Corporation factory: Switzerland, England & China
            FabricType: Warp Knitting
            Production chain:
              - Sectional beam warping
              - Warp knitting
              - Dyeing & Finishing
              - Intermediate/ final inspection
              - Laboratory
            Main markets:Europe, North America, Far East (all B2B)
  • Use of products
            - Lingerie (mainly for embroidery)
            - Haute Couture + ready to wear
            - Base nets for toupees + wigs
            - Theatre (scenic gauze + cine nets)
           Technical textiles

            - Automotive/ Aviation industry (sunblind – safety net)
            - Medical Textiles - Substrates for coating & gumming- Reinforcement
            - Silver bobbinet for electro-magnetic
              shielding or conduction
  • Strategy
            - Developing unique and exclusive products for niche markets

            - In cooperation with our customers (demanding) needs

            - Highest standard of quality

            - Best service and support

From a traditional approach to an innovative service

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